Voyage Houston Interview Live!

So fortunate to have this opportunity to share my story and goals! I met a fellow artist/contributor to Voyage Houston at Fine Life‘s Art Fundraiser for Shark Week. I’m so glad I was able to contribute my artwork to the show and Voyage Houston. I’ve recently been extremely busy with work and school, not to mention being sick for the past week, so I haven’t had time to research Part II of Brain Misconception Series but here’s a little preview of what’s to come:

Tomorrow, I will be giving my first talk on Neuroscience and the Effects of Art Therapy at Fine Life’s Open Mic, Open Heart, Open Mind at Muchmore’s bar & cafe at 9PM. All are welcome! Some of my most recent unpublished pieces will be available for purchase and entry is free if you contribute to the canned food drive! I also want to thank Justin Frabasile for being a big help and taking photos of the art pieces prior to the show and keeping me sane during this hectic time!

Voyage Houston’s Article: Meet Ashleigh Showler



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