Ashen Art goes to the Art Expo!

After months of preparation I’ve finally launched my #indiegogo campaign for Ashen Art! 😸😸

Here’s the link if any of my readers would like to donate or spread the word!

Short Summary

Ash Showler is a genetics lab technician and artist located in New York, NY. This is her first IndieGoGo fund launch in which she hopes to raise money for the New York Art Exhibit in the coming year (April 23-26 2020). 

Ashen Art is a collection of multimedia art pieces and science, especially focused on human anatomy. Each piece reflects emotion, creation, and destruction within everyday bodily processes, typically taken for granted. 

It would be impossible to repay the gratitude and happiness Ash will feel with your contribution! However, there are a few perks that may interest you instead. Your contribution is a personal statement for body positivity and spiritual positivity.. Some of our perks include, patches, handwritten postcards of gratitude, artwork, and tickets to the New York Art Exhibit. 

What We Need & What You Get

The funding required for the NYC art exhibits is roughly $5000; however, Ash Showler is footing half of the bill herself (while paying off student debt -eeek!). Thus, the goal for this IndieGoGo campaign is $3000 which will pay for the entry and installation fees associated with the NYC exhibit. Rewards for your charitable contributions will be based on tier level, with each one combining into the next. Some of these include a colorful poster of one of the pieces in the art exhibit, a guest pass to the NYC art exhibit, hand-written cards full of eternal gratitude, stickers, an Ashen Art embroidered sew-on patch, or a published, hardcover book of all the artists, including yours truly, shown at either of the Art Exhibits! Since this campaign is based on a flexible funding goal, all funds, regardless if the goal is reached, will go to the installation, etc of the paintings at both art shows. Ash will cover the remaining portion of fees.

The Impact

The funds for this campaign are for the installation and space necessary for the New York City Art Exhibit. The purpose of this application is to encourage individuals to listen to their bodies and spirits through artwork. 

Ash was the director of IMAGinE: Festival Campaign (see link below), in which she promoted and helped fund the short film project.

All proceeds resulting from this campaign will go directly to finishing the paintings accepted in the NYC Art Expo as well as the space necessary. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, it’s completely understandable! We are all on tight budgets and support can just be a friendly email to us or a social media post supporting our goal! If you have any further questions, comments or concerns please contact Ashen Art via the email link below. Also, feel free to check out Ash’s website for updates, blog posts, and videos on daily artwork and her cute cat, Peeps!

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