About the Author

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Ash Showler is a neuroscientist studying to be an art therapist. Although she currently is the Head of Genetics Testing at Chemisys Laboratory, her real passion is in the effects of trauma on the neurophysiology of the brain and how to use research to better others’ quality of life.

In addition to her daily responsibilities, she is a freelance blogger, photographer, and painter. Her most recent paintings depict feelings and thought associated with the most common mental illnesses; such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder. The following links can view collections of her work.

Personal Site

Fallrisk Art

Ashen Art

Similarly, each blog piece is meant to bring to light mental illness, trauma and it’s interpersonal effects and how to overcome them collectively. References per each blog are listed under the corresponding title. Please feel free to post comments, questions or suggestions on the following blog piece.

Thank you for reading!

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